Zenote - Hollie Ellis - Brand Strategy & Design



Andrea came to me in January 2021 wanting to work on her brand strategy and rebrand her business. 

It was amazing working with Andrea because the values attached to the Zenote brand were very strong and clear and Andrea’s passion came through very distinctly as well.

Andrea wanted her brand to have a spa-like, luxurious feel to it, which you could experience in the comfort of your own home. Andrea also has a real love of the sea and holds the same values as the Zenote brand too about the environment. Therefore I knew I wanted to create a brand that was calm, relaxing, luxurious, simple and refined.

When I first sketched out ideas for the Zenote brand design, my train of thought led me to zen, and zen gardens, which are beautiful. It then got me thinking about the circles and waves created in the sand to create the calming, zen like feel and I loved the idea of creating a zen like feel within the O of Zenote to show the sustainability for the whole business – the products, packaging etc. and the love of the ocean and the waves.

I used nice calm, soft, muted warm colours for the Zenote brand which linked to the natural elements of the beach – the sea and sand.

NB: Images in the vision moodboard were sourced from Pinterest.