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Hi, I’m Hollie, brand strategist, graphic designer and creative consultant with over 18 years experience.

I help 6, multi-6 & 7 figure business owners create and maintain impact-driven, money making brands. 

I do all of this through branding, marketing, mindset and graphic design.

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Expand your reach AND your income. Make an impact, help more people and be a part of the ripple effect of goodness.

I’m here for this. Are you? 

Hello and welcome!

I’m so happy you are here because it tells me you are an ambitious business owner ready to take your business to the next level. There’s a few ways we can do this – it’s all about what is going to be the best solution for you and what is in alignment with your goals. 

Branding is more than just a logo! It’s about standing out in a saturated market. It’s about embracing what makes your business original and unique. It’s about sharing your message with the world, helping your people and doing good.

Branding is the way in which you present your business to the world and how you communicate your values, mission and message. Creating a well known brand whether in the online and/or offline space can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors, create customer loyalty and increase the positive impact you want to make.

It’s an important aspect of marketing and contributes to your overall success.

Are you ready to harness the power of your brand?
Would you love to expand your reach and make more money?
Do you want to breakthrough that next level in your business?

It can be exciting and nerve-wracking to take that next step in getting your business out there more for the world to see. It may be you’ve had a bad experience in the past with a graphic designer because they just didn’t ‘get’ your brand and what you wanted to achieve, or it could even be you’ve never worked with a graphic designer before. If this is the case – don’t worry. You are in safe hands. 

With over 17 years experience working with start ups, small businesses, global brands and now 5, 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs, you could say I know a thing or two about branding, marketing and graphic design.

And having had my business for over 8 years now, I know about all the different challenges it can bring so my toolkit is brimming with strength, resilience and a whole host of business building tools I can pull out to support you as needed.

Ready for a rebrand?

Looking for a rebrand that feels more ‘you’, looks more professional and which reflects your values and future vision? I can help you ‘Elevate Your Brand’ to the next level. This is an in-depth 121 service tapping into my 18 years of experience, specifically for female entrepreneurs, giving you a full rebrand along with graphic design support.

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Wanting to launch a new offer and give it its own identity?

Have you got a new offer you want to launch? It could be a mastermind, group program, membership, online course or something else altogether? Branding your offer and whole funnel means you can build extra hype around it, get more people interested and get even more sign ups. 

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Create a solid foundation for your business with a brand strategy

Build a powerhouse of a brand for your business so you can get your name out there more and ultimately make more money, becoming the go-to for what you do and offer. This program will give you everything you need to help you stand out and includes live group mentoring twice a month.

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City Retreat
Bernadette Chapman
Lucy Legal
Foxy Hair Extensions
Compliance Office

I can help you with… 

Brand Strategy

Gain clarity and confidence around what your brand is all about, who you want to help and your vision for the future.

Brand Design

So you end up with a recognisable brand you love, which will not only give your business an identity, but which will attract your ideal clients.

Market Position

Identify any gaps in the market that you can fill with your brand to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Print & Digital Design

Business cards, leaflets, gift vouchers, workbooks, lead magnets, blog graphics, Pinterest graphics, podcast graphics and lots more.

Marketing Strategy

So you can receive consistent enquiries from ideal clients but in a way where it feels good to market your business.

Social Media Graphics

Position yourself as the go-to choice within your field of expertise with professional and distinctive social media graphics unique to your brand.

Free Resource

PDF Workbook:

Discover who your ideal client is

For online service providers, wellness professionals and coaches and consultants

Download my free PDF workbook to help you really get down to the nitty gritty of WHO your ideal client is so you can help more people, make more money and have more freedom.

Grab your copy now!

Lovely words… 

Hollie is a delight to work with and takes her time to understand your business and intentions before creating some branding that delivers the desired outcome and impact. Hollie is skilled, helpful, efficient and makes the branding process fun for new and existing business owners. Thank you!- Sian
Hollie was great to work with. She understood what I was looking to achieve straight away. I really feel like Hollie took the time to think creatively about the designs she presented to me and I am so pleased with the final result.- Laura K
Before beginning this process of creating a whole new brand with Hollie I was daunted by where to start and what I would need to know. Hollie quickly put my mind at rest and was willing to help lead me to understand what I wanted. She responded to my feedback quickly and with grace - incorporating my feel on things in a fantastic way. Although Hollie has created my brand, it feels like mine! She has captured my energy, my purpose and my business with ease and I'm so very grateful for her stewardship and commitment. Best Brand Ever! Thank you 🙂- Laura C
Hollie was amazing from start to finish. She listened, created, and fine tuned my brand to look how I requested.- Jason