Wheeler Wood - Hollie Ellis - Brand Strategy & Design

Wheeler Wood


Lucy came to me in January 2021 wanting to create a brand for her new law firm, Wheeler Wood.  

One of the things I really picked up on when working with Lucy on the brand strategy for the law firm was the look and feel she wanted to go for with it.

I really loved the idea of creating a Wheeler Wood crest/coat of arms that represents what Wheeler Wood is all about. I thought the ‘female empowerment’ symbols were to too cliche and anything to do with arrows to represent growth and scaling just didn’t sit well with me for this design. So I thought about British, british countryside and symbolism from there. The crest in this design includes the tudor rose but it also includes oak leaves and acorns. These are to represent growth and scaling but also impact as well. The oak tree is known for symbolising courage, power, wisdom, strength, resilience and steadiness and I felt all of these qualities were aligned with the Wheeler Wood brand. The acorns represent growth and prosperity. 

I then added a stamp like feel to the design to show Wheeler Wood putting their stamp on the law industry but also their clients putting their stamps on what they do with integrity and professionalism. 

NB: Images in the vision moodboard were sourced from Pinterest.