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Rebalancing Woman


I absolutely loved working on this rebrand for Rebecca, the creator and founder of Rebalancing Woman.

When I first got the client questionnaire back from Rebecca for her branding project, I was amazed by the amount of detail Rebecca had provided, but I always ask for as much detail as possible. The more I get to know about you and your business, the better my understanding to then create a logo and brand which is truly reflective of everything your business is about.

With Rebecca’s rebrand I knew straight away the types of colours which would work really well. They needed to be calm, natural and earthy, but also friendly and welcoming.

When it came to developing some initial designs for Rebecca’s new logo, I assessed all her answers to the client questionnaire and picked out a few elements which really stood out to me. Firstly the name ‘Rebalancing Woman’ is very strong and powerful which stood out a lot and also the word ‘motherhood’, which came out a lot in talking to Rebecca and also in her client questionnaire too.

The final logo design is based on a Celtic symbol for Motherhood and I thought the symbol was really powerful and strong, representing what Rebecca does in a really nice way, about the motherhood journey and being a Mum, but also being yourself and true to yourself too, embracing every moment.

The other designs I created for Rebecca include really nice calming elements to them, making that journey of Motherhood and growth evident within the designs.


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