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Organic Pilates and Holistic Health


Jill came to me in 2019 asking for help to rebrand her business. Having already done a lead magnet design for Jill in 2017 it was nice to work with Jill again and it was lovely to hear how Jill’s business had evolved in the last two years. 

Jill opted for my ‘Elevate-a-Brand’ package and was the first client to go through the new Branding Foundations part of the package too, which everyone has loved since.

It was clear straightaway that Jill needed to change her business name because she’s not just a pilates instructor – she is SO much more than that, including being a highly qualified health coach. In our clarity call together as part of the package, it was also evident that Jill needed to share her brand story more, so this was one of the actions we agreed upon Jill taking along with the name change. And, Jill pretty much actioned these straightaway. A week or so later a new name had been decided upon and Jill was sharing her brand story more and seeing amazing results already from just doing that, before I’d even started on the design part of the branding package.

It was really obvious to me that I needed to create a unique symbol for Jill’s new brand. I created a brand vision moodboard and colour palette that included earthy tones to represent the natural, organic side to Jill’s business, but also two pops of colour to show the motivation and fun Jill helps her clients create within their health and wellbeing transformation.

The symbol I created for Jill’s new brand represents a really strong belief Jill has about what she does: We should live in harmony with nature.


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