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After a brand assessment call with Lindsey, we discovered her current brand just wan’t doing it’s job properly. It was attracting Lindsey’s dream clients, it wasn’t showing any of Lindsey’s lovely personality and it was quite basic. After asking Lindsey what her brand values were, I could clearly see they weren’t being reflected within her visual branding so Lindsey asked me to help her rebrand her business. 

Lindsey opted for the Premium Branding Package as she knew the importance of investing in her branding and could see the value she was going to get from doing so. Before I worked with Lindsey she was “unsure about everything… like it was boring and didn’t reflect my business and I didn’t know what to do to change it.”

After the competitor analysis, brand strategy and vision board process I started working on the initial logo design ideas for Lindsey and the concept she went with was the first one. I originally didn’t want to include any stereotypical photographer elements within the logo, but when I got thinking about it, I actually thought it needed it. So the logo design includes a camera with a heart on the lens. This is there for two reasons – the first being because I know Lindsey loves what she does, and the second being she’s capturing people when they feel good about themselves.

Now Lindsey has “a brand that reflects my values that I can be proud of” and feels “confident, like it’s really going to start looking more professional and attracting more of my dream clients”. And she’s already attracted a dream client already who loves her new logo which is just amazing.

Visit Lindsey’s website. 


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