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Kelly Chandler Consulting


Kelly was introduced to me by another client of mine in the middle of 2019 and originally asked for help to create some monthly graphics to advertise her latest blog posts which could be used on social media, with more of an emphasis on Instagram. 

Soon after, Kelly was in full launch mode for her brand new live event – Wedding Spaces Going Places LIVE and asked if I could help with all the design work. I was delighted to help out and honoured that Kelly had asked me to help. In the lead up to the event to market the launch, I created some social media graphics for Kelly to use including instagram graphics, Facebook page and group banner graphics showing the guest speakers, testimonials and more.

Using my previous experience of print management we were then able to work backwards from an agreed deadline as to when all the design needed to be signed off and ready to go to print in order to make sure it arrived in time and with a couple of days to spare just in case (as sometimes you just never know). The printed materials I designed for the event included personalised prints for frames to add that friendly, well thought out touch to the whole event. I also designed badges, an agenda, guest list, pop up banners, takeaways and actions booklet and also more graphics to be used on social media for afterwards to include testimonials from attendees.

I absolutely loved working on this with Kelly and continue to support Kelly on an ad-hoc basis with proposal designs, monthly blog graphics, launch graphics and more.

Event Creation, Planning and Management: Kelly Chandler Consulting @kcwedconsulting
Photos: Rupa Photography @rupaphotography
Venue: Syon House @syonparkevents
Catering: Tapenade Cuisine @tapenadecuisine
Film: Bloomsbury Films @bloomsburyfilms
Flowers: Rhubarb and Bramley @rhubarbandbramley