Jill Pinington - Hollie Ellis - Brand Strategy & Design

Jill Pinington


Jill first approached me in 2019 asking for my help in branding her new start-up business. After an initial chat on the phone Jill opted for the ‘Elevate-a-Brand’ package.

Jill had a clear idea of the colours she wanted and the type of symbol she was after too within her logo design. Jill is a coach and wanted to include a peacock feather in her brand design to represent how she can coach doctors and health professionals to strut their stuff, just like peacocks do! I thought this was a great idea and knew I would explore this at the design stage.

I put together this gorgeous vision moodboard to visualise how I thought Jill’s brand could look and feel (all photos sourced from Pinterest), based on Jill’s brand values and personality. I then created this beautiful colour palette for Jill before designing a main logo, sub mark and website version of the logo.

After some tweaks to the logo design, I moved onto the other designs: social banners for Facebook and LinkedIn, a pop up banner design and business card design.

Here’s what Jill had to say: “I haven’t told you how much I love my branding, my business cards and pull up – it’s just great and everyone loves it and I do too – can’t believe it’s me!” – Jill