Confident Parenting - Hollie Ellis - Brand Strategy & Design

Confident Parenting


I am SO excited to share this new visual brand with you, which I designed for Confident Parenting! After doing a competitor analysis, I came up with a few recommendations for Laura, which included adding her name to her new logo! People are buying into Laura, her skills, personality and expertise so I thought it only right she became more visible within her revamped brand! 

And once again, there’s always a concept behind every logo I design… For this one, I got the word ‘calm’ a lot from speaking to Laura and from her answers to the client questionnaire! So it got me thinking about how she helps parents feel more confident and she helps create a calm environment for them and their children. 

Based on this I thought about the love parents have for their children and if they do have behavioural problems, they need the right environment for that!

So to show this, I split the heart to represent the love within a family but also the calming environment being created too right in the centre.