Carers Cafe - Hollie Ellis - Brand Strategy & Design

Carers Cafe


Christine came to me in March 2020 wanting a brand identity for her brand new business – Carers Cafe. 

The Carers Cafe is a safe virtual cafe where unpaid carers can join a session to talk to Christine and other carers, to break up their day, but to also feel supported. The focus of the Carers Cafe isn’t on the actual caring and what that involves, it’s on the carers themselves as people and their health and wellness.

The brand design is simple, beautiful and perfectly represents Christine and what she’s wanting to achieve with the Carers Cafe.

Christine is on a mission to help unpaid carers by creating a little haven, especially for them. A place where they can connect and chat with other carers at the virtual Carers Cafe and feel supported in looking after their health and wellness in a way that works best for them.