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Victoria Watson


Victoria got in touch in 2019 asking for help to rebrand her business. She realised she was ‘logo-less’ with no real visual brand identity so after a nice chat on the phone discussing Victoria’s business and what sort of look and feel she wanted to have for her brand, she opted for a more tailored branding package. 

Since Victoria is a personal brand, it was imperative her brand showed that friendly, personable element to what she does. Victoria is a Personal Brand Strategist helping female entrepreneurs with their personal brands to become more visible and use PR to their advantage.

Victoria had a clear idea about colours and had already gathered images using colours she really liked the look of. Victoria also knew she liked logos where there was a mix of script and serif fonts, which is what I created for her here. Sometimes with personal brands, because they’re just that, personal, they don’t necessarily need a symbol. But for Victoria’s logo, I knew we needed a symbol in there, but it didn’t need to be overpowering. After doing some research, I knew I wanted to create some kind of geometric style symbol within Victoria’s logo.

I really like symbolism and they’re great for showing an underlying message, but they’re also a great talking point too. So, after some research into symbolism, I found a really nice glyph that symbolises strategy, which I know Victoria helps her clients with, whether it’s personal branding strategy or PR strategy. Inspired by the glyph I turned it into a nice circular symbol and incorporated it into Victoria’s logo design.

Victoria’s tailored branding package included logo design, Facebook page banner design, Mailchimp header design and a social media graphic template.


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