Strength and Soul - Hollie Ellis - Brand Strategy & Design

Strength and Soul


Jo came to me in October 2020 after having already made some big shifts within her business, Strength and Soul. She realised in order to take her business to the next level, she needed to rebrand. 

With Jo’s rebrand, I knew she needed her own symbolism with her new brand identity and with Jo’s gorgeous brand as a whole in mind, that’s what I set out to do.

Jo’s brand values, story, message and mission were the main drivers behind the initial designs that I came up with for Jo. The look and feel I went for is calm, cosy and clean with a real lifestyle feel. The shade of teal I went for is deep and calming (to also represent strength and soul) and I paired it with a warm copper colour.

The other two colours which I brought into the mix are a warm pink and a warm but muted grey beige colour.

For the brand identity design, I did a lot of research into symbolism and Ayurveda and what I created in the end is gorgeous, showing the four seasons, environment and serenity – all of which tie in beautifully with the heart and soul of Jo’s brand.

NB: Images in the vision moodboard were sourced from Pinterest.