Heather Schaefer - Hollie Ellis - Brand Strategy & Design

Heather Schaefer


In January 2019 Heather Schaefer got in touch to have a free brand assessment call with me. I could tell Heather didn’t have any real identity for her brand and it was so clear what her brand values were too. So after the brand assessment call Heather signed up to my Premium Branding Package and we got started straight away. 

From our call, I determined that Heather’s brand values were:
Self love
Making a difference

After I did Heather’s competitor analysis and brand strategy I came up with a striking vision board and colour palette for her new brand. It was time to position Heather as a personal brand, especially looking at her plans for the future. As soon as I started working on Heather’s logo design ideas I knew there was one design that I had come up with, which was THE one. I just had this feeling about it. So after developing it a tiny bit, it really did become THE one. The reason why I included stars within Heather’s logo design is because a ‘shooting star means that you have a chance to make all your dreams come true.’ And this is what Heather is helping women do in their lives.

I loved working with Heather on her branding because her brand values are so clear and strong I wanted to make sure they were reflected through everything I designed for her. We chose to keep her logo black and white because it looks bold, strong and also elegant that way.


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