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Unlock Your Success with Content Marketing Mastery

Are you a driven entrepreneur or business owner looking to skyrocket your business sales, boost your revenue, and make a remarkable impact?

Then this is for you.

The ultimate done-for-you content marketing service: content planning and creation, including graphics, photography and videography.

Video content is now at the forefront of content marketing, especially on certain social media platforms. You can either choose to embrace it and move with the times now, or be left behind in the dark ages.


Imagine having a marketing strategy and all content mapped out and created for your next quarter where you don’t have to do anything, other than spend the day with me and my team…

Let’s increase your sales, amplify your visibility and help you make more money with consistent messaging and content marketing.

Welcome to your path to extraordinary success!

Hollie Ellis - About Me

Our Content Marketing Mastery Package is your key to elevating your brand’s visibility, influence, and profitability.

With 3 months of expertly planned and captured content, you’ll stand out in your industry and attract the clients you want and deserve.

• Professionally Curated Content: Say goodbye to amateur and DIY content. Our Media Day, led by myself (a seasoned Creative Director) and my team (Photography and Videography), ensures your brand is showcased at its best. You’ll walk away with a treasure trove of on-brand, professional visuals and videos to skyrocket your brands visibility and sales.

• Maximise Your Business Impact: Achieve your business goals with content that converts. Our strategic approach ensures your message resonates with your audience, driving sales and making a tangible impact in your industry.

• Reclaim Your Time: No more sitting and stressing over what content to post and feeling like you’re spending hours on just one post. Our Content Marketing Mastery Package frees up your valuable time, allowing you to focus on growing your business and achieving your dreams.

• Investment in Revenue Growth: This isn’t just an expense; it’s an investment that pays dividends. Watch your revenue grow as your professionally curated content works its magic, driving sales and boosting your bottom line.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your brand and achieve unparalleled success.

Sign up to the Content Marketing Mastery Package and experience the difference that strategic content can make in your business.

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What’s Included:

✅ Kick off strategy zoom call – to find out more about you, your business and what your goals are.

✅ 3-Month Strategic Content Marketing Plan

✅ Full-Day Media Session with my team and I

✅ Professionally Captured Photography and Videography including 2x Ready to Post Reels Per Week

✅ On-Brand Content Aligned with Your Business Goals Easily Accessible and Ready to Post or Schedule

✅ Content That Converts and Elevates Your Brand

✅ A Streamlined Path to Increased Sales and Impact

Ready to redefine your brand’s story for lasting impact and financial growth?

The finer details, PLUS bonuses

Investment: £4500 (plus team travel and expenses – up to £300)
Payment plan: 3 monthly payments of £1500.

You will receive one month’s worth of content at a time so as not to overload you.



Promo video worth £997 for your website. 

KPI, content and messaging review near the end of each month to make tweaks for the next months content.

WhatsApp support from Hollie.


Go VIP for an extra £1000

And have all the content scheduled in for you.

Apply now and let’s chat!

Why work with us?

Not every business owner is creative and when you’re so IN your business you can really struggle to work ON your business. Even more so when it comes to getting creative – with your graphics and content marketing – to get your business out there more and in front of more of your ideal clients.

This is where my team and I come in.

Yes, I am a brand designer.
Yes, I am a graphic designer.
Yes, I am a print designer.

But I’m ALSO:
A Creative Director.
A Certified Business Consultant.
Brilliant at content marketing and getting clients results/sales.
A business mentor (and have been for the last 12 years)!
A very creative being!

You’ll also be getting access to my team – seasoned pro’s in their fields of photography and videography.

So what can we bring to your table? 

• Fresh content marketing ideas and an outsiders expert perspective.

• 25 years of combined experience – having worked with and still do work with SME’s, global brands and 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs and business owners – service and product based – online and bricks and mortar!

• Content for all of your marketing using my unique methodology which is aligned with your brand strategy AND gets results…