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Susan Smalley Art


I am delighted to show you this gorgeous brand design I recently created for Susan Smalley. Susan’s brief included: feminine, roses, free flowing and colourful.

I LOVED working on this design because just by talking to Susan about it on Zoom, I already had an idea in my head as to what it would look like and even showed an extremely rough sketch to Susan to show what I was thinking. ⁣

Then, after sketching out ideas in more detail, I brought this one to life and OH MY! I love it and I hope you do too!

Here’s what Susan had to say… ⁣

“Hollie has delivered all my branded images, colours and logo each time exactly to my given requirements. Top quality professional service and loyalty to her clients.⁣ Support advice with clarity and conviction.⁣ Warmth and intellect.⁣

Hollie understands where you are, who you are and why you’re in need of her expertise because she continues to be mindful of your journey.”⁣

This gorgeous new brand design has also been printed onto circular stickers so Susan can send out pieces of her artwork all beautifully packaged and on brand.

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